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CEO Magazine is a women's lifestyle media brand that inspires women of all ages.  Our  desire  is  to empower women  to live  their  best  lives  with  no reservations or regrets.  We  challenge  our readers to  become  the best version  of themselves and  encourage  them  to embrace their strength  and purpose  in  life.



Sharon Oliver is known for her candid and humorous personality that gives personification to her stories and conferences. Since 2014, Sharon Oliver has been the Chief Publisher of Richmond's popular CEO Magazine. Through unprecedented support of CEO Magazine it has also given birth to various subsidiaries; CEO Network: Club CEO & CEO Studios, ChickswithBrands™ and CEO Publishing. The growth of the organization has now become a leading consulting agency in the Richmond, VA area primarily serving women in business. ​She is most known for her branded series "Create the Life that YOU Love."


We believe that every woman is a CEO or CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER of her life. A CEO woman embraces life's challenges and inspires others to be their best.  She wears many hats and celebrates roles like  mother, wife, aunt, sister, professional, business owner, volunteer and friend, among others.   A CEO woman fully embodies strength.


Our Reader's Age Demographic 

25-35, 35-44 & 45-54

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