What is the Literary Soiree?

An author needs a space where they feel creatively respected, encouraged,
and inspired to keep creating. We are inviting all authors to connect with Amanda
Eaddy, “The Literary Enthusiast” of CEO Magazine for author spotlights, networking
events, branding opportunities and more. The Literary Soiree is a place where
culture and creativity connect. 

CEO Magazine is so excited to offer “The Literary Soiree”, a cultural and creative space for authors to build their brand and impact their communities. We believe that an author’s story behind the creative works needs to be shared. Amanda Eaddy, “The Literary Enthusiast” of CEO Magazine is passionate about ensuring authors are supported and given a bigger platform to reach their creative audience. For more details, contact the CEO studios today. We look forward to helping you reach your creative goals!



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Amanda Eaddy is an educator, storyteller, and speaker in Richmond,
VA. She is the mother of Rashel II (18) and Aaliyah, (14). They are
the loves of her life. When she is not raising them, she is a teen girl
advocate, feminist, and co-founder of Unity Achievers LLC, a lifestyle
brand that promotes unity among all relationships.

Amanda is also the founder of #BrandNew, a non-profit organization
for tween/teen girls where she teaches females how to push past
their pain and to become the change agents of the next generation. 
Amanda and her daughter, Aaliyah just finished their online radio show 

called the Mommy and Li Show that aired every Saturday from
3:30-5:30 p.m. on www.legacyinternetradio.com. The purpose of the
the show was to strengthen the Mother-Daughter relationship through
Real, Comical, and Impactful conversations

Amanda is in her 12th year of teaching and currently educates 16 First
Graders at St. Andrew’s School in Richmond.  Changing the world through

her creative works has always been her dream since she was 17 years old. 

Amanda is the proud author of 7 self-published titles. She believes that every

female has a story that needs to be heard. Each story bravely told changes

the world. She strives to mentor and encourages females to change their

environments by changing their daily narratives. Amanda Eaddy is determined

to leave a legacy for her family through her voice, works, and passion for change.

She is truly the Literary Enthusiast!


Amanda Eaddy's Latest Edition

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Manda Panda was scared of going to First Grade. Mean teachers? No naps? Learning to read? At least that is what Sonny Snake said. She wasn't ready! But Mama Panda had a trick up her sleeve. Travel with Manda Panda as she learns that she does have what it takes to have the best first grade year ever!


Author Spotlight


Samantha’s big day had finally arrived. It was time to wow her audience with the best art they had ever seen. It was an exciting time for her to show all the people she loved how hard she had been working to impress them with the gift of her art. She had thought of everything right down to her nail polish, but in all the chaos leading up to her big show she forgot one very important detail – her hair.


So you wrote the book, now what?

How do you spread the word about your creative masterpiece? Where can you go to gain that physical, emotional, and social support that every author craves? The Literary Soiree, that’s where! The Literary Soiree is dedicated to pushing an author’s brand by connecting culture with creativity. Come share your creative genius with Amanda Eaddy, “The Literary Enthusiast” of CEO Magazine. Contact us today for more details!