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Safe, Effective and Glamorous

This course is a refresher of what you have already learned, but want to learn more of, have questions about or want to improve your skill set. 

If you have questions or struggling with any particular skill, this is an ideal class that will perfect your methods. It will give you an opportunity to meet people within your industry and to learn from each other and share experiences. 

I do not believe there is a limit to learning. Education is continuous. I have an open-door policy. We are here to help you succeed

our instructor



Waterfalls Salon & Massage Mobile Spa, LLC

DBA/ Waterfalls Salon & Massage Med Spa – 2006  & Waterfalls Withholding Companies, LLC, Serenity House

Her History


Licensed Cosmologist - 2008

Licensed Esthetician - 2010

Licensed Cosmologist Instructor - 2011  

Licensed Esthetician Instructor - 2016

Licensed Permanent Makeup - 2019  

Certified Business Analyst – 2014

Altria/Philip Morris, USA  Retiree – 20 years

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Intro “How I Made 6 figures for the last 3 years

agenda review



  • The Good Lash

  • The Phases of Growth 

  • What can impact your client's hair growth

  • Medications

  • Hormones

  • Disease 

  • Diet

  • Cancer

  • Eyelash Extension types and when to use

  • Weights and Measures

  • Stacks & Bridges - Demonstration

  • BONUS – Brow Extensions



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*Class Content Subject to Change